What is Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence exists in all countries and across all social classes.
There is not a particular type of person it happens to. Women from all walks of life and from all ages find themselves in abusive relationships. Abuse can begin at any time — at the beginning of a relationship or after many years together.
It is very difficult for a woman to understand the abusive behaviour that her partner or family member exhibits towards her. Many women blame themselves or make excuses for the abusive person’s behaviour until they recognize the abuse for what it is.
Types of Abuse  
People often think of Physical abuse when they hear of domestic violence but most women who are abused will experience other forms of abuse along with physical or the threat of physical abuse. Read more
How women are affected by domestic violence  
Living in an abusive relationship can have devastating effects on the health and wellbeing of a woman.
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How children are affected by domestic violence
Children are also the victims of domestic violence both directly and indirectly. Children’s experiences, reactions and responses vary, with some children being affected far more than others. Read more

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