Warning Signs



Do you……

  • Have fun together
  • Each enjoy spending time separately
  • Always feel safe with each other
  • Trust each other
  • Are faithful to each other if you have made this commitment
  • Support each others individual goals in life
  • Respect each others opinions even when they are different
  • Solve conflicts without putting each other down
  • Both accept responsibility for your actions
  • Both apologise when you are wrong
  • Have equal decision-making power
  • Each control your own money
  • Are proud to be with each other
  • Encourage each others interests
  • Have some privacy
  • Have close friends and family who like the other person and are happy about your relationship
  • Never feel like you are being pressured for sex
  • Allow each other space when you need it
  • Always treat each other with respect



If one of you …..

  • Is extremely jealous
  • Accuses the other of cheating
  • Puts the other down
  • Makes the other feel bad about themselves
  • Makes the other feel like a child
  • Doesn’t take the other person or things that matter to them seriously
  • Doesn’t listen when the other talks
  • Frequently criticizes friends or family
  • Pressurises the other person for sex
  • Hurts, humiliates and embarrasses the other person
  • Is unfaithful
  • Tells the other how to dress
  • Has ever grabbed, pushed, hit or physically hurt the other
  • Blames others for their behaviour
  • Destroys the other persons possessions
  • Prevents education or job success
  • Makes all the decisions
  • Breaks promises
  • Is controlling or very possessive
  • Withholds affection
  • Uses alcohol or drugs as an excuse for bad behaviour