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Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the most identifiable form of abuse but can range from subtle to life-threatening.

It can involve:

• Pulling your hair

• Using household items as weapons, such as throwing an egg or phone at you

• Pinching you

• Nudging, pushing or shoving

• Biting

• Kicking

• Burning

• Punching or slapping

• Property being destroyed including cars, furniture, clothes, and home.

• Breaking bones

• Stabbing via weapons, such as knives or hammers

• Strangling or choking

• Rape

• Murder or attempted murder


Violence against women is unacceptable!

We value all the help and support that we receive from organisations and individuals, and your financial support, whatever the amount, will help us to help those suffering domestic abuse. We all believe that violence against women is unacceptable.
Freephone helpline: 1800 203 136